Lacey schwimmer dating history


Born on November 20, 1989, in Lewisville, Texas, Cody has been in movies like Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, Justin Gaston, better keep his eyes open.

Despite the fact that the couple have been living the high life lately, their relationship may be headed for trouble.

Whether it be American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, or So You Think You Can Dance, we’ve all loved and lost in one form or another.

Do Miley’s nighttime tanning sessions mean she’s not sneaking off with her potential boyfriend and Disney costar Cody Linley, or going to bars…

More » Cody Linley has been in the news lately for his late night rendezvous with serial dater Miley Cyrus, but he’s much more than a pretty face.

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Miley Cyrus may turn 18 today but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t already racked up an impressive list of hot male hook-ups.The past year has been a rough time for Miley’s relationship status – the former star Cody Linley and his 20-year-old dance partner, Julianne Hough, got the boot last night, and Linley took the elimination pretty hard.


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