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Prior to his departure, Bond is supplied with an attaché case containing a concealed knife, concealed gold sovereigns, and a special tear gas booby trap connected to the lock mechanism, along with an Armalite AR-7 rifle.

After travelling to Istanbul, Bond heads into the city to meet with station head Ali Kerim Bey, tailed by Bulgarians working for the Russians.

In London, M informs Bond that Romanova has contacted their "Station 'T'" in Turkey, offering to defect with a Lektor, which both MI6 and the CIA have been after for years.

However, Romanova's message states that she will only defect if brought back by Bond, whose photo she had supposedly found in a Soviet intelligence file.

It is the second film in the James Bond film series, as well as Sean Connery's second role as MI6 agent James Bond. No, United Artists greenlit a sequel and doubled the budget available for the producers.


From Russia with Love was a critical and commercial success, taking over million in worldwide box office receipts over its million budget, more than its predecessor Dr. Seeking to exact revenge on James Bond (007) for killing SPECTRE's agent Dr.No, the organisation's expert planner, Kronsteen, devises a plan to manipulate him into stealing a Lektor cryptographic device from the Soviets.SPECTRE's leader, Number 1, puts Rosa Klebb, an ex-SMERSH operative and the organisation's Number 3, in charge of the mission.Klebb recruits Donald "Red" Grant, ordering him to protect Bond until he acquires the Lektor, before killing him for it and bringing the device back to SPECTRE so they can sell it back to the Soviets.

To further assist the scheme, Klebb recruits Tatiana Romanova, a cipher clerk at the Soviet consulate in Istanbul, whom she fools into thinking that she is still working for SMERSH.

They are in turn tailed by Grant, who kills one of them after Bond is taken back to his hotel, stealing their car and dumping it outside the Soviet consulate to implicate Kerim Bey.


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