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Is there a bigger destination for single Western men anywhere in the world? For some, that means cancelling their trip to Pattaya. Some countries are experiencing record growth and countries with a new middle class emerging have citizens keen to avail themselves of the trappings and rewards of their newfound wealth, to include international travel.

Angeles City in the Philippines and Rio in Brazil cannot compete with Pattaya for the sheer size of It hasn't been an easy time in the West. Nowhere is growing quite the same as China and India, each just a few hours' flight from Thailand.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that today you see many Chinese and Indians in Pattaya.

For the time being, the Chinese don't seem to be exploring the most popular parts of Pattaya's nightlife, although the odd busload still empties out in Soi Diamond and makes a beeline for Superbaby. Usually in small groups, occasionally alone, there are more Indian customers in the bars than ever before.

"If you are walking in the forest and you come across an Indian and a snake, kill the Indian first." In a country where racism is rife, Indians get it worst.

Pattaya is undergoing a rapid transformation that threatens to change the flavour of what has long been a magnet for single white guys.

Pattaya's tourism industry was built around nightlife, or to call it what it is, sex tourism. With uncertain job security fueling concern about the future, many are spending less and reducing unnecessary expenditure.

Once the almost exclusive domain of single, white, male visitors, the profile of the typical Pattaya visitor is changing.



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