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Four years after she was named Miss Sri Lanka, Stephanie Siriwardhana is now in the process of opening up a shelter for sexually abused girls. Once these girls are raped, especially if [they are] 11 or 12 and have had [a child], the family rarely wants [them] back,” she told Al Arabiya News.“It’s definitely a big issue here and an unspoken one,” Siriwardhana, who is a journalism and political science graduate, said.Al Arabiya News is marking International Women’s Day, and the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration on gender equality, with a special series profiling leading women around the world, among them Stephanie Siriwardhana, who is planning to open up a shelter to provide support for sexually abused girls.While beauty pageants may be infamous for the stereotypical queen who simply waves and smiles, the industry has also crowned some remarkable women.The girls will receive psychological counselling and vocational training on how to care for themselves and on occasion, the babies they have given birth to.She decided to commence work on the shelter after a visit to a similar center that helps sexual abuse victims.I think they were 11 or 12 and one girl looks at the other and says, ‘oh gosh, let’s go play with the dolls.’ Then the other girl gets really excited, but she stops and says ‘oh no, first let’s go see the kids and then play with the dolls.’ “And that just got me” said Siriwardhana. We [want] to make abortion legal for rape victims under 18 at least, because you have to try with the minimum.



“I had gone one day to talk to the girls, I was helping out Emerge [Foundation] at the time,” she recounted.“I saw these two little girls and they had just finished eating and they were washing their plates.


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