Lavalife dating powered by vbulletin

We also asked them to rate each of our reviewed online dating sites. I was kind of wary of filling out another lengthy personality profile, so it was a relief that Lava Life doesn't ask you to do that.

But then you really have to figure out how to use it yourself.

the Lavalife profile creation was easy, maybe a little too easy.

I read a number of reviews about various matchmaking programs before I selected Lavalife but my main inspiration in joining was my sister who met her husband through Lavalife.

I'd been married twice before so I wasn't interested in joining a dating site that would waste my time and money.

I'm not sure there's a lot of matching, and while I saw some attractive people, I didn't find anyone that really appealed to me.

During the period that I was searching for a match I also enjoyed reading the online matchmaking magazine, Click, which had some interesting perspectives and thoughts about the modern dating scene.My one complaint is that the site doesn't have a large multi-cultural membership and, as an African-American, I would have liked to have had more profiles of women of my background from which to choose.


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