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So here it is: because Mormons are against pre-marital sex, many of the "good" Mormons make it to their twenties as virgins. You have "soaking," that is, you put your dick in her vagina but you don't move.

But, I have it from good sources (a few "Jack Mormons," also known as Mormons who were born and raised but no longer practicing, as well as an ex-communicated one). The solution to every religious believer's ultimate dilemna: how do you have sex without having sex.

Take away the best snow for skiing that exists on Earth (at least it used to be before the globe started warming).

A beer in your fridge might as well be a confession note that you murdered someone because you’re going to the same place for either one.

They don’t believe they can attain the best spot in heaven (the highest degree of heaven) without having a solid marriage, keeping all those rules above (and literally all the other 5,000+ Mormon rules that exist), and having their marriage sealed for all eternity in the Mormon temple.

Or do anything that isn’t keeping the day holy on Sundays.


But I think it’s an interesting discussion in this crazy and confusing dating world. And you have this stripped-down bubble called Utah. They don’t say “oh my god.” They do not laugh too loud.

I can't in good faith say I've ever experienced this phenomenon first hand because I'm A) not a BYU graduate and B) not fucking retarded.

A wonderful discussion with Carol Lynn Pearson, Stephen Carter and Dan Wotherspoon on the legacy of polygamy and patriarchy and it's impact on intimacy in Mormon marriages.

Mormon Matters 346: Intimacy in Mormon Marriages While in Utah to record courses, I took a side trip to Provo where BYU Radio's Julie Rose interviewed me about Navigating Sexuality as a Chaste Single Link will autoplay the audio, but it may take up to a minute to start.[CLICK THE TITLE ABOVE TO OPEN THE PODCAST PAGE]We discuss the results of a study about sexual arousal, and I answer a question from a listener who is frustrated at inability to reach orgasm during intercourse. D in Counseling Psychology from Boston College where I wrote my dissertation on LDS women and sexuality.

I have taught college level classes on human sexuality and I currently have a private therapy practice in Chicago where I live with my husband and three children. Let me start by saying this is nothing more than a humorous look at what it’s like to date Mormon girls from a non-Mormon guy’s living in a Mormon-world perspective. A little bit about faithful Mormons (the ones who follow the Mormon rules): They do not drink. And alcohol scares the living daylights out of them. In fact, they don’t do anything sexual before the nuptials. Anything that ends in any type of arousal before you say “I do” is a big no-no.


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