Lebanon dating mariage

mainly focusing on the US and Europe.1 In studies focusing on the Middle East there is still a strong tendency to approach the subject from the perspective of gender relations and patriarchy, often shaped and redefined under the influence of feminist perspectives and women studies.The main focus, however, remains on power relations, on social hierarchy and ranking, on reproduction of gender roles and gender ideology.2 For Lebanon, interest in these subjects has come mainly from sociologists who adopted the feminist perspective.“In many cases the economic cost of marriage has become high and has developed into a burden on the men.


For a young man it is rare to be able to afford the costs of the marriage preparations and celebration as well as the costs of setting up and maintaining a household.9 The Lebanese press blames the economic crisis as a cause for celibacy and migration, using the subject of celibacy to denounce the situation of the country and inscribing it in a political context.

Migration and its effect on the demographic balance is the second reason brought forward to explain the phenomenon.



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