Leo and kate winslet dating

"We needed each other to lean on because we were very young and working all kinds of crazy bloody hours and it was a shock to the system." She continued, "I think the reason that friendship works is because there was never any romantic thing." that when it comes to nominations, she's more focused on her former costar's than she is on her own."I've been so focused on Leo and him winning everything and being so excited for him," she said.Kate Winslet reportedly wants American actor/film producer Leonardo Di Caprio to start a family.The 40-year-old actress feels her Titanic co-star, who won the Oscar for best actor for his work in The Revenant, will be a great father."Kate is completely overjoyed with Leo's Oscar win," a source told Hollywood Life.From their sweet red carpet reunions to their public tributes to each other, take a look back at Kate and Leo's relationship throughout the years…


There's a very good chance that this will finally be Leonardo Di Caprio's year at the Oscars – and no one would be more thrilled for the star than his close friend Kate Winslet.The pair have been a Hollywood dream team ever since they teamed up on screen to play Rose and Jack in the 1997 Academy Award-winning film , and 20 years on, their friendship remains strong.



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    In March 2006, Montgomery told "20/20" one of his daughters was using his computer when Jessi happened to instant message him.

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