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Sarmiento The Heartland of Empire: Queer Cultural Imaginaries of Filipinas/os in the Midwest University of Minnesota, American Studies Supervisors: Kale Bantigue Fajardo, Kevin P.Murphy Reader: Jigna Desai Cookie Woolner “The Famous Lady Lovers:” African American Women and Same-Sex Desire from Reconstruction to World War Two University of Michigan, History and Women’s Studies Supervisors: James W. Mc Dougall John Goins Confronting Itself: The AIDS Crisis and the LGBT Community in Houston University of Houston, History Supervisor: Nancy Beck Young Readers: Eric Walther, Maria Gonzalez, Linda Reed Bridget Gurtler Synthetic Conception: Artificial Insemination and the Transformation of Reproduction and Family in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America Rutgers University, History Supervisor: Keith Wailoo Readers: Julie Livingston, Margaret Marsh, Rayna Rapp, and Paul Israel Stephen Vider No Place Like Home: A Cultural History of Gay Domesticity, 1948-1982 Harvard University, History of American Civilization Supervisor: Nancy F. Tinsley Howard Chiang Why Sex Mattered: Science and Visions of Transformation in Modern China Princeton University, History of Science Supervisors: Benjamin Elman, Angela Creager Readers: Margot Canaday, Larissa Heinrich Christianne A.Smith “Yours in Liberation”: Lou Sullivan and the Construction of FTM Identity University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, History Supervisor: Merry Wiesner-Hanks Readers: Susan Stryker, Anne Enke, Joe Austin, Rachel Buff Stefanie Snider Envisioning Bodily Difference: Refiguring Fat and Lesbian Subjects in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, 1968-2009 University of Southern California, Art History Supervisor: Richard Meyer Readers: Judith Halberstam and Eunice Howe Zeb Tortorici Contra Natura: Sin, Crime, and ‘Unnatural’ Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1530-1821 UCLA, Department of History Supervisor: Kevin Terraciano Readers: Teofilo Ruiz, Lauren Derby, James Schultz 2009 Pablo Ben Male Sexuality, the Popular Classes, and the State: Buenos Aires, 1880-1955 University of Chicago, History Supervisors: Dain Borges and George Chauncey Reader: José Moya Richard Clark City of Desire: A History of Same-sex Desire in New Orleans, 1917-1977 Tulane University, History Supervisor: Rachel Devlin Readers: Daniel Hurewitz, Randy Sparks Gillian Frank “Save Our Children”: The Sexual Politics of Child Protection in the United States, 1965-1990 Brown University, American Civilization Supervisor: Mari Jo Buhle Readers: Richard Meckel, Susan Smulyan Emily K.Morris III, and Kenneth Lavender Alfonso Adolfo Rodolfo “Repair my Church”: Discrimination, State Intervention and the Acceptance of North American Gays and Lesbian into the Catholic Church University of the Americas Puebla, Department of International Relations and Political Science Supervisor: Emma R.Norman REaders: Marianne Helena MArchand, José Antonio, Alonso Herrero Christopher Schroeder Mapping the Contours of Queer Cultural Politics in a Midwestern City: The Case of Toledo, Ohio University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Geography Supervisor: Judith Kenny Readers: Kristin Sziarto, Jennifer Jordan, Lawrence Knopp, Anna Mansson-Mc Ginty Brice D.


Manalsan, IV Elisabeth Frances George Queer Life in the Queen City and Beyond: Resistance, Space, and Community Mobilization in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks, 1939-2003 State University of New York at Buffalo, History Supervisor: Susan Cahn Readers: Victoria Wolcott, Michael Frisch Shane Landrum Documenting Citizens: Birth Certificates and American Identities, 1890-present Brandeis University, History Supervisor: Michael Willrich Readers: Jacqueline Jones, Margot Canaday Scott De Orio The Invention of Bad Gay Sex University of Michigan, History and Women’s Studies Supervisor: Matt Lassiter Readers: David Halperin, Gayle Rubin, William Novak Caroline Radesky Feeling Historical: Same-Sex Desire and the Politics of History, 1880-1920 University of Iowa, History Supervisors: Leslie Schwalm, Doug Baynton, Lisa Heineman Readers: Jeff Bennett, Isaac West, Landon Storrs Chelsea Del Rio That Women Could Matter: Building Lesbian Feminism in California, 1955-1982 University of Michigan, History Supervisor: Regina Morantz-Sanchez Readers: Matt Lassiter, Rachel Neis, Gayle Rubin, Rebecca Kluchin Alfonso Adolfo Rodolfo The Burden of Chastity: The Case of the Courage Apostolate and Project Zacchaeus, 2009-2015 University of the Americas Puebla, School of Arts and Humanities Supervisor: Marianne Helene Marchand Readers: José Antonio, Alonso Herrero, and Alison Elizabeth Lee Carly Simpson Act Out: A History of Lesbian and Gay Activism at Three Ontario Universities York University, History Supervisor: Marc Stein Readers: Kathryn Mc Pherson, Marcel Martel 2015 Brian J.

: the Political Culture of African American AIDS Activism Temple University, History Supervisor: Beth Bailey Readers: David Farber, Bryant Simon, Heather Thompson, Alondra Nelson Thomas X.



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