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If you are working with someone who exhibits these characteristics it’s important that you confront them head on. The longer you try to reason with them or show mercy towards them, the more you, as the Christian counselor, will become a pawn in his or her game.

They want you to believe that: The Bible warns us saying, “But when grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness; even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil and do not regard the majesty of the Lord (Isaiah ).

As Christian counselors, pastors and people helpers we often have a hard time discerning between an evil heart and an ordinary sinner who messes up, who isn’t perfect, and full of weakness and sin.

I think one of the reasons we don’t “see” evil is because we find it so difficult to believe that evil individuals actually exist.

We can’t imagine someone deceiving us with no conscience, hurting others with no remorse, spinning outrageous fabrications to ruin someone’s reputation, or pretending he or she is spiritually committed yet has no fear of God before his or her eyes The Bible clearly tells us that among God’s people there are wolves that wear sheep’s clothing (Jeremiah ; Titus ; Revelations 2:2).

It’s true that every human heart is inclined toward sin (Romans ), and that includes evil (Genesis ; James 1:4). However, most ordinary sinners do not happily indulge evil urges, nor do we feel good about having them.

If you have suffered violence, and the perpetrator (or even the judge) says, “Sorry, can’t we just let it go?

We feel ashamed and guilty, rightly so (Romans -21). Below are five indicators that you may be dealing with an evil heart rather than an ordinary sinful heart.


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In addition, the Bible shows us that when someone is truly sorry for the pain they have caused, they are eager to make amends to those they have harmed by their sin.

(See Zacchaeus’s response when he repented of his greed in Luke 19.) Tim Keller writes, “If you have been the victim of a heinous crime.


The Bible tells us that talking doesn’t wake up evil people but painful consequences might.

Jesus didn’t wake up the Pharisees with his talk nor did God’s counsel impact Cain (Genesis 4).



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