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Unfortunately, mostly due to the efforts by conservatives, religion and politics have been mixed in this country.Though our Constitution, by way of our First Amendment, clearly prohibits that.But what he reality is that there are those who often try to mix their personal religious views in with public policy, forcing millions of Americans who disagree with them to follow laws based on religious belief.It’s a battle that, as a political activist of sorts against conservative ideology, I deal with all the time.And pretty much anything I post relating to Christianity gets posts similar to the one above.So on one side I have right-wing “Christians” telling me that liberals can’t be Christians, then I have liberals telling me that I’m an idiot for believing in a “magic” story.They follow something I call “Republicanity.” Which is a mix of a handful of excerpts from the Bible in with conservative political ideology. Literally tens of millions of Americans vote against their own interests because they don’t like abortion and hate the idea of homosexuals having the right to marry.But as a liberal Christian, right-wing religious fanatics aren’t the only people I contend with.

Before going any further let me go ahead and announce that yes I believe in science, no I don’t believe the earth is 6,000 years old and no I don’t believe the Bible is a word-for-word factual depiction of events. At the core of every religion, spiritual belief or just overall decency, are those values.

“I’m a straight, white Christian male who was born, raised and still lives in Texas. Except I lack the one trait that is the bedrock of conservatism… I also never force anyone to believe the way that I do, nor do I judge anyone who believes in something different or nothing at all. It’s why I believe when it comes to religion, or the lack thereof, it should be kept out of public policy.


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    The only thing that could be found about the story is from the Visual Novel Database (VNDB) website: "The story picks up off where High School Terra Story ended.

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