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Just because I `Tebow,' doesn't mean I'm dating him.

I said that if I won in Colorado, I would `Tebow' because I admire what he's doing.

The Olympic skier, 27, who won the women's Super G in front of a home crowd at Beaver Creek last week, is doing her best to dispel the gossip which comes just weeks after the announcement that she is divorcing her husband of four years'I'm just friends with the family.

After placing first in that event at Beaver Creek in her Colorado home, Vonn dropped into the signature "Tebowing" posture.Aside from showing that Vonn is in touch with one the sports memes of the moment, her act of Tebowing ramped up the output of a local rumor mill that had already been producing whispered reports of the skier being romantically linked the Broncos' quarterback.Having announced her divorce from Thomas Vonn, her husband of four years and advisor, in November, Vonn's private life has become very public.Rather than succumb to the emotional strain, she has excelled since the divorce announcement. "In a way, that's what I'm trying to do as well -- to be able to compete under any circumstance and keep fighting and doing my best every day.

Before taking to the podium to receive her medal, the local girl dropped to her knee in a prayer position - a move that has come to be known as 'Tebowing' since the quarterback's widely-publicised prayer following his team's win against the Miami Dolphins in October.The 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist has already won five World Cup races in the early stages of the 2011-2012 ski season, including the World Cup Super-G on Wednesday.


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