Liquidating distressed inventory

And some of those services are places you can buy as well as sell excess inventory.Your five basic choices are: Here's where you can go to get it done, depending on what goods you have on hand and in what quantities: Unload in bulk, business-to-business: Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and others can sell goods via centralized liquidation auctions.Excess Technologies ( is a professional surplus inventory liquidator.Open a sales channel for your business on e Bay: Opening a business selling account on e Bay can be a great way to sell some of your excess inventory at competitive prices.Excess inventory can be a serious financial drag for any business.But what to do with excess items -- no matter what they are or where they came from -- can be a difficult dilemma.And you probably have little patience for continuing to carry the extra load.But there are several tactics that can either net you a cash return on your items, or a nifty tax write-off.



Instant, Merchandise and Power Retailing ( all buy a wide range of customer-returned and excess inventory.Selling what you have through normal channels -- special sales, for example, or online -- may be out of the question.After all, the reason you have the surplus is because your regular outlets haven't done the job.For example, is a b2b bulk marketplace where companies sell all kinds of excess goods.


welcomes inventory from small businesses to sell on this auction marketplace, and has a track record of providing returns higher than other liquidation methods.Setting up your business sellers account is free and simple.


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