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Upon conviction of a sexual offence, the court is required to issue a certificate, stating the offence, to the Gardaí, the convicted offender and the governor of the facility where the offender is to be detained.The certificate also sets out the sentence received and the fact that the person has become subject to a reporting requirement.A nominated Inspector in each Garda Division has responsibility for liaising with the central Garda Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit for the purpose of monitoring the application of the Sex Offenders Act 2001 in general.


The court issues this certificate on behalf of the Gardaí to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit.This means that details of everyone subject to the requirements of the Sex Offenders Act 2001 are given to the Domestic Violence and Sex Assault Unit who keep a record of each individual by way of the court certificate (commonly known as the Sex Offenders Register).In doing so the court must take the following into account: In deciding whether or not to impose a sentence involving post-release supervision the court may hear evidence or submissions from any concerned person.Any period of post-release supervision imposed on the sex offender by the court will be supervised by the Probation Service which liaises with the Gardaí in order to ensure the sex offender complies with the supervision order.

Anyone who is convicted of a sexual offence in another country and who later moves to Ireland is subject to a reporting requirement in the same way as someone convicted in Ireland, provided that the sexual crime corresponds to a sexual crime in Ireland which gives rise to the reporting requirements.

There is also a notification requirement where the person is already subject to a similar reporting requirement under the law of the place of conviction.



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