Loopt location updating

“The Black Berry platform excels in enabling multitasking and deep integration between applications and functionality on the smartphone.Loopt has done a tremendous job of bringing location-based services and social communications together to enable Black Berry smartphone users to discover, share, and connect,” said Tyler Lessard, Vice President, Global Alliances and Developer Relations at Research In Motion.Loopt just announced an update to their application that will add some more uses to their free application.The app will now help you find places and people nearby using background location updating.My guess is that it will always use GPS or maybe even cell tower triangulation in the background to find people and places near you.I am not sure how badly this will hit your battery but the idea is pretty cool.At the 2009 Black Berry® Developer Conference, Sam Altman, CEO of Loopt, was invited on stage to perform a live demonstration of the new Loopt mobile application for Black Berry smartphones.

The world around them never stops moving so Loopt on the Black Berry should not either.The app will keep updating your location kind of like Google Maps Latitude.The full press release is below but you can find the latest version of Loopt in the App World by searching for Loopt.Loopt Launches Major Update to Unite Mobile, Social, and Local Discovery on Black Berry Smartphones San Francisco, CA – November 9, 2009 – Loopt announced today at the Black Berry® Developer Conference that it has launched a major update for its free application for Black Berry® smartphones, which is designed to connect users to the most relevant places and people nearby using background location updating.


This brand new version of Loopt enhances users’ ability to discover the world around them – revealing who’s around, what to do, and where to go.Loopt now offers dynamically-generated, relevant local content about places and events from some of the best sources on the Web to help users meet up with nearby friends, explore new places to grab food, and find local events happening now.



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