Lynde manley dating dale

+A Framingham teen [Jonathan Barros, 17, of 17 Fairview Road, Framingham] was arrested yesterday at a.m.on a Framingham District Court warrant charging him with (assault and battery) and the (violation of a restraining order). Romani, 35, of 194 Bishop St., Framingham] was arrested at p.m.


+A Framingham woman [Debora De Souza, 24, of 329 Concord St., Framingham] was arrested yesterday at a.m. after a domestic dispute and was charged with (assault and battery). Ramirez, 67, of 10 Flanagan Drive, Framingham] was arrested Monday at p.m.

on a Westborough District Court warrant that charged her with (operating a vehicle without a license) and a (federal Immigration detainer warrant). after a traffic stop and was charged with (operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol).


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