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This app will alter your body proportionately with our scientific body improving tech. [ Main function ]# Slimming : The very first slimming function that naturally slims your body.

Still looks natural by slimming your body and face separately. # Head resizing : Scale your head size as you want, also stretch your neck size too. # Height stretching : Height stretching which keeps body proportions.

You’ll have an i Sight or Facetime HD camera, unless you have a Mac Mini, and will likely have a multitouch trackpad unless you’ve opted for a Magic Mouse. Be warned though, this game requires multi-touch technology, so that means that some Mac Books won’t be able to play this (unless you have an external peripheral). Use Inklet to turn your multi-touch trackpad into a tablet for your Macbook.

Most Mac Book Airs and Mac Book Pros’ keyboards have a backlight. If you are on the fence between getting a tablet or not, try this app out first. Nex Tab is a very small app, but it can combat a small annoyance some may have if they use their trackpad 80 percent of the time.

Our height stretching app has come back with a Slimming & Head resizing function!

The worldwide best Body altering app with 4M users over 217 countries !

These articles will help you enhance and customize the way you use some hardware features on your Mac.

The rest of the roundup is filled with fun and useful apps that can make your Mac even more useful. No matter what Mac you have, you’ve at least got a hard drive or SSD, a processor, and memory. Touchgrind is an awesome game that basically brings finger boarding to your Mac.


Manually choose the area of your face for natural resizing instead of inaccurate auto face recognition. Put 3 lines over your shoulders, hips and ankles and Height stretching is secretly Done! Nous avons créé ce chat roulette mac & pc avec notre partenaire nous espèrons que vous aimerez ce visio aléatoire. (bookmarker) et dites nous que vous aimez ce service gratuit.We keep coming across fun apps that show some of the more unique ways you can use your Mac’s hardware, so we decided to put them together in a roundup.Before we start though, we would like to point out that there are a couple handy articles throughout this roundup.

Did you know your Mac Book Pro has a motion sensor?The hardware in your Mac – no matter which Mac you own – has some great features that you might have not even ever realized.


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