Male amputee dating

Stephanie bounced back to life after the accident though and was not afraid to meet boys.

In high school, she says, she was dating a “beautiful guy.” However, Stephanie was easily sidetracked, and her high-school crushes went in and out of style like acid-washed denim and neon colors. At a party, Stephanie decided to make a move on a new guy, with some creative advice from girlfriends.

This is the time when we are on our best behavior – the time when we portray a positive attitude and demonstrate a solid relationship “résumé” (or at least try to).

However, amputees have the added burden of when and how to bring up the subject of a prosthetic limb.

Usually, though, Stephanie waits for “the right time to approach the subject.” The stereotype is that models are shallow, but that's not what Stephanie has found.


She told her date that her aching leg (which, of course, was fine) needed some medicine and asked him to meet her back at a friend's house.

Once her date was out the door, however, she proceeded to dance and exchange numbers with the other guy.

“My leg isn't a topic of conversation right off the bat unless he notices,” she says.

If she is limping, and he wonders what's going on, then she will briefly talk about her accident.

“My attitude was like, this is crazy, but life goes on,” remembers Stephanie, a first-generation Brazilian-American and professional dancer who began her training and performance career with the Miami Ballet in Florida.“I was a senior in high school, and I was looking forward to parties, graduation night and boys.” Introducing her prosthetic leg to potential boyfriends, however, has proved to be a gamble.


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