Male female ratio online dating best dating agency in kiev

Bill's book and Quantcast do pretty much agree on the gender ratios and age ranges for e Harmony.

There are many companies that do this type of work with and Quant being some of the other popular ones.

These 3 statistic sites of course usually don't see eye to eye and the data they release every month never fully matches.

e Harmony also appeared 7th on the list behind such dating services as Adam4Adam and Date Hook Up.

While these are popular dating sites, in my view and research e Harmony receives many more visitors.

What I was surprised at is the average age range of e Harmony visitors. I had thought e Harmony members tended to be older than this.

members average age according to Bill is between 35 and 44 which I would see as being more reasonable for e Harmony.



Of the top 10 dating sites it lists most of the Male to Female ratios hover around the 50 percentile mark with the most notable exceptions being the gay dating sites.e Harmony also has a much more uneven Male to Female ratio of 38% to 62%.What it does though when you compare the statistics is give you a general idea on how websites you are interested in are performing.One of the topics the book covers is online dating.

With this ranking issue found with his online dating facts, it puts into question the rest of the statistics.

Now Quant Cast monitors e Harmony directly through a business agreement, you can trust their statistics for this site much more.


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