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You will receive a pregnancy test within three days of arrival at Recruit Training.


UPDATE: According to the Navy’s All Hands magazine, beginning January 2015, Navy boot-camp will initiate a pilot program (length of time program will run has yet to be determined) to cease mandatory female haircuts.The pilot was established after receiving feedback that junior Sailors and officers are not taught proper grooming standards during their initial training.Because storage space is extremely limited at Recruit Training Command (RTC), you should limit the amount of personal effects you bring, and keep luggage to a maximum of one small gym or travel bag.If you are reporting to RTC during winter months (October through April) wear warm outer clothing – it does get cold near the lake!

Here is a list of stuff you can bring to Navy boot camp: Females – To expedite your medical processing, if you have had a PAP smear/pelvic examination during the six months prior to leaving for RTC bring the test results with you.

Additionally, if you’re currently using birth control pills, bring copies of exam records (in addition to the pills) specifying type(s) of birth control pills both presently and previously prescribed.


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