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The first thing you'll probably notice about me when you meet me is My smile.I typically spends my leisure time traveling, Art Events/Auctions.Communication is one of the keys to a strong partnership as are trust and honesty. I also believe that in order to love someone else you must love yourself.I am looking to meet new friends and if it blossoms into something else then wonderful. Honestly right now friendship is all that I am seeking, but if that special someone comes into my life and sweeps me off my feet, I wouldn't be opposed. I have two small children and they mean the world to me. I am often hiking and am rarely found without a camera in my hands. I am slightly shy and slow to warm up to new people, but I love to smile and make people laugh.My best life-skills are creating a peaceful,beautiful home environment using humor to make friends laugh,making art and culture an ongoing part of my life.The most important thing i look for in a person is honesty,loyalty,respect,open communication, sense of humor and passionate about life.


The most influential persons in my life has been my Mum and my late Dad my friends,though i don't have many describe me as hard Working,happy, Loyal and dependable Dependable.

A passive, total bottom in the bedroom but wants to be an equal partner with you.

Pulling my own weight and being included in decisions made about things that will affect our time together. I believe there is a deeper meaning to everything in life.

Some additional information i wanted you to know is I'm not looking for a perfect woman, there are no perfect matches, but: Sense of humor, sense of self, curious and excited about life & the world, and willing to investigate.

The things i can't live without are water,food,oxygen and sunshine,laughter and sense of humor,music,money LOL.

One thing i noticed bout me is When people are around me, they feel open and comfortable enough to talk to me about everything - In general, It appears as if I'm open,not much a talkative and social but in reality: I'm very private, quiet and a warm person.


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