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This is a true parody in the finest sense and kudos to Mr. The illustrations are reminiscent of the real curious George which makes this book even better. (even though it'll be hard to put a book in a menorah...Simonian for using the original source material (text and illustrations) as the starting point for a new journey through uncomfortable situations and characters. Simonian ran out of ideas or wanted to finish quickly. If you've got kids, be careful where you hide this one. It's not so much that you don't want them to read it. The text is somewhat stereotypical, but it only adds to the humor. This is a great stocking-stuffer whether you're bi-curious or if your name is George. or a stocking for that matter but you get the idea: it's a funny book and you should buy it.) This expain A LOT of questions I had about George and his friend, "the man in the big yellow hat".Although it is a parody, it really is an entirely new story that compliments the original and makes both more enjoyable. ) close to the concept of the original book, but takes it into shockingly uncharted directions, which only elevates the hilariousness. It's, "How do you explain it once they find it."***UPDATE: December 21, 2013***I'm going to add something here because this little book has sparked controversy among friends and acquaintances. Also, a friend of mine mentioned that "Bi-Curious" implies an interest in both male and female sex partners. Such a rare treat to read a picture book with a hilarious storyline! All this time "the big yellow hat" was actually a metaphor for the man's...know.A perfect holiday gift to bring laughs to those on your list that are progressive enough to appreciate the humor, or to offend pretty much everyone else. Warning to readers: you may find yourself shopping online for leather vests and sassy purple berets after you read it. A perennial Twitter Hash Tag favorite, I had no idea "Bi-Curious George" was actually a thing! It's those little touches that make this book so much fun. An intelligent person will know that this book does NOT represent the LGBT community. Definitely not for kids but a treat for adults, I highly recommend this as a coffee table fixture or as a great gift. Why would a "man with the big yellow hat" want to befriend a semi-trained simian? Turns out both George and the "man with the big yellow hat" wanted to explore.Andrew is the founder of Standard Media Company and a veteran film and television producer.He has a degree in finance from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and a certificate in film from New York University. This book will have you cringing, laughing, crying and gasping within the first few pages.There are plenty of laughs and a lot of witty puns. The only reason I say this is it's not like a novel you will get like 2-3 weeks of use / entertainment from. There’s been a lot of talk about bisexuality, bicuriousity and hereoflexibility this week.



I bought this book for my sister in law for a gift. As soon as I heard about Andrew Simonian's book, I ordered the hard cover from Amazon. This also clears up the Tarzen movies and why he always swung with the apes. Probably not worth the price for an electronic download. Invite some people over and have some fun with the physical copy.She is a huge Curious George fan, and loves anything off beat. My expectations were perhaps a little too high.***First, Do I need to remind folks that Bi-Curious George is NOT appropriate reading material for kids? In much the same way that Adam Mansbach's "Go The F*K To Sleep" isn't meant for children, neither is "Bi-Curious George."Like his namesake, Bi-Curious George is a very curious little monkey who gets in all kinds of odd situations. A clever monkey will notice "1 Kings " scribbled on the wall behind George. 100% hilarious as a coffee table piece or any general conversation starter. It's no fun to spend 4 hours trying to access each other's kindle accounts.


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