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19/08/2016 A man has been jailed for 15 years for the rape and robbery of a vulnerable 69-year-old woman in Worthing.

05/09/2016 A Leicester man who successfully appealed against his murder conviction in a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on the law of joint enterprise has today been convicted of manslaughter.

26/08/2016 Kristin Jones, Head of Specialist Fraud for the CPS said: 19/08/2016 A former broker and his partner have been jailed over a conspiracy to defraud his employer of more than .3 million US dollars (over £1.757 million GBP).

The two men pleaded guilty to bribing an employee at an American firm in order to secure a lucrative contract following an investigation by City of London Police.

27/09/2016 A CPS spokesperson said: "On 16 June, the CPS announced that no criminal charges were to be brought as a result of Operation Kaddie.

06/09/2016 Anjem Choudary and Mohammed Rahman have been sentenced to a total of five years and six months imprisonment for encouraging support for Daesh in a series of videos they broadcast online.

06/09/2016 The Crown Prosecution Service is prosecuting and convicting a record number of rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse cases, a report published today shows.

Date Outline 04/10/2016 A former officer with West Midlands Police has been given a four year prison sentence today for sexually assaulting two women while he was on duty.

30/09/2016 A woman has been given a six month suspended prison sentence at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court for attempting to sell two tiger skin rugs illegally on e Bay in 2014.

23/09/2016 Philip Longbottom has today been sentenced to life with a minimum term of seven years, at Bradford Crown Court, after pleading guilty to 43 charges against 12 victims, involving child sex abuse, rape, buggery and the rape and sexual assault of a 19 year old man.19/09/2016 Ian Harris, Head of the Complex Casework Unit for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex said: "After Christopher Halliwell had led Wiltshire Police to the body of Sian O'Callaghan, he also confessed to the murder of Rebecca Godden, who had been missing since January 2003.


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