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Mediation or CDR (citizen dispute resolution) is an alternative method for resolving disputes.

A trained mediator is present to help the parties involved come to an agreement without the necessity of a municipal court trial.

If you wish to be heard by the court, then it is important you are there.

Please keep in mind if the officer did not witness the accident then he/she cannot testify and may not be able to prove the state’s case without you.

The Judge may require you to submit proof of your income.

If approved there will be a fee assessed not to exceed 0.

The Municipal Court accepts for filing all complaints.

In order to sign a complaint for an offense that occurred within the jurisdiction of Maple Shade Twp.

You need to come into the court office during regular business hours.

You should have the following information with you: Adjournments are not granted for arraignments on indictable matters or first appearances for serious motor vehicle summonses issued for DWI (39:4-50), driving while suspended (39:3-40) or uninsured motor vehicle (39:6B-2).


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