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I asked Laura: ' How did you know to pick varsity?' Laura told me: ' I just knew if I got to practice and play alongside the best players every day, it would make me better.Her teal-painted bedroom featured Techline furniture (establishing early on her preference for clean lines and minimalist design), and one concession to girlhood was her Jackie Kennedy doll collection.Laura Beckman Anecdote: Mayer frequently mentions a valuable life lesson she learned from Laura Beckman, the daughter of her piano teacher and a talented volleyball player.Both parents were dedicated to nurturing their children's interests.Her father built a backyard ice-rink for her younger brother and her mother drove her to numerous lessons and activities over the years.

Other influences figure prominently in her childhood.And that's exactly what happened.'" High School: Mayer was president of the Spanish Club, treasurer of the Key Club, and involved in debate, Math Club, academic decathlon and Junior Achievement (where she sold fire starters.) She also played the piano, took babysitting lessons, and continued to dance; her years of classical ballet training helped her earn a place on the precision dance team.


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