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The PGA Tour is not required to disclose violations, disciplinary measures or sanctions against players found to have used recreational drugs, which differs from other major sports organizations like the NBA or NFL.

In January, it was announced that the two were planning a fall 2014 wedding, but in May, Gretzky told Golf Digest that they had postponed the ceremony, citing Johnson’s busy schedule.

Representatives for Wayne and Paulina Gretzky did not respond to requests for comment.

But because of his high-profile relationship, people figured it would come out sooner or later,” an insider connected to the sport said, adding that rehab rumors have been swirling in golfing circles.

We’re told that the family was aware of his penchant for partying, and that Wayne sought to be a positive influence, and offer help.Johnson and Paulina Gretzky started dating in 2012 and got engaged in August 2013.The social-media-savvy model routinely posts pictures of the two romping in an array of hip and exotic places, and just two days after news of her partner’s “personal problems” surfaced, she posted an Instagram photo showing her and her mom in skintight black suits holding up paintball guns.However, Johnson’s antics have also raised questions over the PGA and its transparency policies.

Last week, Johnson, 30, suddenly announced that he was taking a voluntary leave of absence from the PGA tour to “seek professional help for personal challenges.” The PGA later insisted that despite allegations to the contrary, he was not suspended.But according to, Johnson’s behavior has been an inside topic for quite some time as he is often spotted at local bars near his Florida home, and it has been reported that he has broken up at least one marriage with indiscretions involving other players’ wives.


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