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Ever since I first ran into it, I've had a lot of respect for the Catapult tool(s) from Mentor.Originally known as Catapult C, this little scamp has recently been super-charged and re-presented as two products: Catapult BL and Catapult SL.Imagine knowing what impact adding or removing features will have on your milestones.Sandwork Announces Newest Product in Analysis, Verification and Debugging (AVAD) Suite; Spice Check Overcomes Traditional Spice-Level Circuit Verification Challenges for Analog and Mixed-Signal Designers It doesn't take a genius to realize that combining an automated chip creation environment like Talus with a tool like Rio Magic that works on the chip and the package designs concurrently has to be a jolly good idea.What analog / mixed-signal designers need is a suite of tools that work with all industry-standard simulators, simulation file formats, and simulation environments to provide complete analysis, verification and debugging (AVAD).Intelligent optimization algorithms, embedded analysis and extraction, and distributed multi-processing are required to provide the accuracy and extreme speeds required to address nanometer-scale chip complexity.



Verification is not a task for a compartmentalized team and using point tools and methodologies.

Instead, verification needs to be an integrated approach with decisions made at the highest of levels for the good of the entire design team.

One of the more difficult clock domain crossing (CDC) issues is sequential reconvergence, which occurs when multiple CDC signals are recombined by combinational logic one or more cycles after crossing clock domain boundaries.

There are fundamentally three different ways of performing computations, from a great big hairy single-core processor to a great big "pile of gates", with a plethora of esoteric architectures in-between.


In order to meet growing consumer demands for flexible audio features and hi-fi sound from mobile terminals, designers of handset audio chips are optimising the class D amplifier to meet the special noise and power management demands of mobile application Companies that choose to subscribe to a concurrent development methodology will find themselves reaping the benefits of a virtualized development approach: shorter development schedules, lower project costs, reduced risk and higher product quality.

Pre-developing and licensing key re-usable EDA modules provides a new way to think about solutions that move away from a common off-the-shelf product model to a more customer-centric customized tool development model.


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