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Phyllis, Rhoda Rebounding from a broken romance, Mary Richards, 30, moves to Minneapolis, where she finds an apartment in the same building as her old friend Phyllis Lindstrom, meets her upstairs neighbor Rhoda Morgenstern, a native of New York, and gets a job as associate producer for Rhoda Mary and Rhoda join a club for divorced people, called the "Better Luck Next Time" club, to get group rates for a trip to Europe, but their plans backfire when Mary gets elected to the club's executive board. Rhoda, Phyllis Frank Carelli, an ex-football player turned insurance salesman, attaches himself to Mary in hopes of getting a job at WJM as a sportscaster. Rhoda, Phyllis Mary finds herself caught between Rhoda and her mother Ida when Mrs.

Morgenstern, a member of the keep-them-feeling-guilty school of child rearing, comes to Minneapolis for a visit and Rhoda refuses to see her.

Rhoda, Phyllis A fire destroys Rhoda's apartment and threatens her friendship with Mary when she moves into Mary's apartment for a few days, and the two friends find themselves getting an each other's nerves.

Bill Daily [ Pete Peterson ], Janet Maclachan [ Sherry Wilson ], Carol Androsky [ Jennifer Riley ], Wally Taylor [ Walter Ellis ], Isabel Sanford [ Mrs.

Rhoda Lou breaks his long-standing rule about fixing people up when he arranges a date for Mary with a middle-aged bachelor friend of his, and then becomes upset when the romance doesn't work out as he had planned.

Rhoda When the office schedule forces Mary to take a last-minute, winter vacation, she and Rhoda decide to go to Mexico, but they are asked to fulfill a mysterious favor in exchange for reservations.


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