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Powered by Word Press © 2015 - Present //// PROUDLY HOSTED BY On Smackdown Live it as announced that Daniel Bryan would be on Miz TV to talk about the upcoming teams for Survivor Series.

Miz would change the subject and started to talk to Daniel about Survivor Series, and Daniel would answer and say to the Miz that he would love to find out about the Tag Team ones right, as he would later go on and announce that American Alpha, Rhyno and Heath and whoever else won out of the tag match later in the night would be apart of the team as Miz would later tell him that’s not the one he wants to know of at Survivor Series as he would tell him that it was Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin and WWE World Champion AJ Styles.

Miz was incensed at the perceived lack of respect from the General Manager on not being selected for the team.

The two longtime rivals began to engage in a war of words regarding Miz’s refusal to take his Intercontinental Championship rematch last week against Dolph Ziggler until a fuming Bryan suggested that Miz settle in at the commentator’s desk and watch as Ziggler defend his Intercontinental Championship in an open challenge.

Later on in the night it would show Maryse and Miz in the ring as she introduced her husband and he would later introduce the crowd to the show and calling out Daniel Bryan.


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