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For the last few days I’ve been studying some letters from 1930s Xinjiang, which have helped me to work through these difficulties, so I thought it worth a research note.



Particularly when we only have a numerical month and day (e.g.the 5th day of the 7th month) to go on, it can be hard to know what exactly our source is referring to.The history of the calendar in Xinijang is quite complex, not to say confusing, and there are whole periods where establishing a basic chronology can be difficult.Most strikingly, from the sixteenth century onward there was a serious discrepancy in the dating of the Islamic year in the Tarim Basin, with the twelve-year zodiacal cycle falling out of sync with the rest of the Islamic world (as discussed in an article by Hamada Masami, reference below).

Not an insignificant event, and yet descriptions of it place its outbreak at various points within a three-month timespan: either in February, March, or April 1931.Some, though maybe not all of this confusion has to do with the multiple dating systems in use during the Republican period: the Chinese Republican (with either lunar or Gregorian months, roughly 1-2 months apart), the Islamic (Hijri), and the Western Gregorian.


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    During the late Qing Dynasty, the government as well as private banks issued various paper notes denominated in silver dollars, cash coins and (machine-made copper coins 铜元).

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