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Or when you see someone like Julien, literally saying whatever he wants, (including making incoherent noises), and still have absolute stunners utterly mesmerized… When you see ANY of the instructors doing their thing, then you know what I’m talking about.

But while the skills of our instructors play a major role, what really makes RSD the undisputed powerhouse in men’s self-improvement, is our insanely intense, borderline obsessive PASSION for TEACHING these skills to other guys.

When others released tactic based DVD programs, we released Foundations, Blueprint Decoded, and Transformations — the most high octane, brain hemorrhaging content on personal transformation up to date.

When others were uploading scratchy, low quality videos (that you literally had to squint and max out the volume to see or hear anything), we released Hot Seat and Hot Seat 2- Hours of LIVE infield footage laid out in room rocking HD.

If you’ve ever watched Tyler walk into a club and within minutes swoop a perfect 10 right off her feet (literally, he picks her up and she’s LOVING it), then you know what I mean.

Or when you read about Jeffy’s Mind-Boggling field reports about “beastmode-ing” the most impossible pulls, you know what I mean.

With each program we released, we continuously worked to “crack the code” at being the absolute best at teaching these reality altering, life transforming skills.

So two years ago, Tyler and I envisioned the next step in our quest for perfection. The number one reason we’ve been able to get such explosive results is because of one “super-resource” that we have spent years cultivating.

In addition to constantly honing our skills at dating and pickup, we painstakingly fine- tune our teaching methods and processes so that we are able to transfer ELITE level skills to our students in the fastest way possible. When others were putting up field reports, we were creating “Bootcamps”.

Tyler and I first experienced the power of a group while living at the Project Hollywood Mansion.

The author Napoleon Hill calls it a “Mastermind Group” — which basically means an elite collective of dating geniuses to always keep each other in check (as in polish each others skills), blast through sticking points and plateaus, and keep progressing.

Thinking back on it, having a Mastermind group of like-minded individuals has been pivotal in our development.

Enter RSD’s First Ever LONG TERM EXPERIENTIAL PROGRAM Designed To Condense A Decade Of Gaming Experience In Record Breaking Time — A Total Immersive Experience That FORCES You To Undergo "Rapid Identity Level Transformation" While Living With RSD Students and a RSD Instructor as Part of a Mastermind Group in Luxurious Condos Walking Distance to the Hottest Nightlife on the Las Vegas Strip You’ve seen it.When it comes to “getting girls”, RSD has had that down for years.


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