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Her style blog, What Courtney Wore, boasts about 500,000 readers a month and her Instagram account has more than 52,000 followers. To tide you over, I picked up the phone to chat with (full disclosure) my friend Courtney Kerr about dealing with haters, life on camera, and making her second debut on a TV series even though she doesn’t own a television set.Plus she can still be found most mornings on KTXD’s , finally makes its premiere tonight, Dec. ended, and I had gone back to work and started the blog.But I’m going on TV to talk about things that are relatable.I’m going on TV and talking about the struggles I have with dating.I’m going on TV and talking about my mom’s health scares., people saw me as this entitled, snarky, bitchy girl who was super-vain, super-obsessed with herself, super-obsessed with her best friend, who picks on other girls, and who is really honest.

So I was staying busy going back to the normal shopgirl grind.I happened to get a random phone call out of the blue on a Wednesday afternoon—I will never forget it—from the production company, and they had the director of development from Bravo on the phone and said, “Here’s what we want to do.” I couldn’t believe that a network found me interesting enough to carry a show.


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