Matt smith still dating daisy lowe


Emma Watson followed suit shortly after, saying that the privacy violation was outstripped by the “lack of empathy” from internet commenters.

More recently, Jennifer Lawrence has finally spoken up on the occurrence.

carried news on Thursday that Smith and Lowe appeared to be the latest victims of the Fappening – the term is a crude portmanteau of “happening” and internet slang for masturbation – a massive leak of stolen private pictures of dozens of celebrities.

The pictures showing Lowe and Smith, according to Buzzfeed, were taken in a hotel bathroom. notes that about 18 images of Lowe and Smith are making the rounds, and they have reportedly been leaked under the title “Daisy Lowe Leaked Nude.” Smith was one of the more recent actors to take on the role of Doctor Who in the popular sci-fi series of the same name.



He quit the role last year but still has a healthy following of devoted fans.Lowe, 25, is a British fashion model, who has modeled in Should the pictures turn out to be valid, they would make Smith only the second male victim of the Fappening which has so far been targeted mostly at women.


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