Mcafee virusscan enterprise 8 0 0 stopped updating

Follow the options and you will get a nice little that you can deploy silently.

Also you can choose not to create an optimized installation, and that will give you a nice file to deploy as well.

just copy the msi into the install files and it will run Installation designer is avaliable for download.

So I first ran -nos_ne which extracts the msi to the temp directory, you can also specify the path using -nos_ne -nos_o"Path" I then used Install Shield to look at the MSI Property Table and found the Installer Settings I needed to tweak, namely to remove the checkmarks from "Update Now" and "Run On-Demand Scan".

This only sets the update at 17.00 and does not schedual the machine scan.

after you install the virus scan if you go to "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Virus Scan\Repair Cache" you will find the msi that will install it.

Enter your grant numbers and you will find The most recent version of installation designer. Mcafee also gives a customizing tool for enterprise deployment called Installation Designer 8.5. Each & every minor setting your can configure before you deploy the application.

For an automated install of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i I did the following: 1.

Create an installation package using the Mc Afee Installation Designer.


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