Meeting point dating

Don't feel pressured into meeting up straight away, trust your instincts and if you want to take time in getting to know them first then do so. - For your safety it is recommended that you get some information about the person you are meeting.

Their phone number, first and last name and the general location of where they live are important and not too intrusive.

- Remember the person you are meeting has taken the time and put in the effort into getting to know you too, so they're interested!

- When you decide to take things further, take the time to talk on the phone.

Speaking with them on the phone gives you a better chance to find out more about them and gauge their character.

It doesn't have to be a cafe or bar, why not try a popular walking spot, park or sport's facilities like a climbing wall, ski slope or canoeing centre?

Always arrange to meet them at the location and use your own mode of transportation to get to and from the date.By now they should know a little bit about you, so just be yourself, if you're meeting at a bar or cafe then avoid or limit alcohol as this can lower your inhibitions and remember to keep an eye on your drink at all times.


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