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The band was formed by Zoya Belous and Dmitrii Prihodko in 2010.In 2012 they released their debut EP Tempest, and in 2014 the band released a full length album Esperoza.In four years the proud Heavy Metal-hitmakers are releasing their third epos The Last Full Measure.The quintet with former Sabaton-members presents twin guitars, keyboard-fanfares and doublebass-marches.The Swedish melodic Metal band ENBOUND just released a music video for the track Give Me Light.The new ENBOUND album The Blackened Heart will be released on November 18th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.



Moldavian Symphonic Extreme/Dark Metal band Esperoza released their new album Aum Corrupted.The album was recorded on Temporal Displacement Records, mixed/mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptorpsy) and released on Worm Hole Death Records.


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    OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate bond strengths of zirconium-oxide (zirconia) ceramic and a selection of different composite resin cements.

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