Method of radioactive dating turin shroud

The cloth is woven in a three-to-one herringbone twill composed of flax fibrils.There appears a faint image of the front and back image of a naked man with his hands crossed over his groin.The Shroud of Turin was on public display from April 19, 2015 through June 24, 2015 in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.More than two million visitors came to Turin from around the world to view the Shroud.This is a rather strange size for the cloth unless one takes into account a length measurement of the time—the Assyrian cubit.Doing this the size of the cloth is 8 cubits by 2 cubits—a much more regular measurement.“Some say the 14-foot piece of linen is Christ’s burial cloth.They point to what appears to be the imprinted image of a man bearing wounds from a crucifixion. Regardless, the shroud has remained a wildly popular attraction for pilgrims from around the world.” The Shroud is certainly one of the most controversial relics in recent times.


It has been displayed several times in this century, the last time in 2005.I was one of those fortunate visitors to view the Shroud.


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