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Hand-Crafted Cocktails and Food Tastings – Our 3-hour walking tour takes you into the heart of the Mexican Cocktail, exploring Mexico’s native spirits and their deep rooted cultural ties.Featuring five tasting locations carefully chosen to highlight the best of the best Mexican Cocktails, made only from Mexican spirits including Mezcal, Tequila, Raicilla, Mexico´s signature beer cocktail- the Michelada, and more!Our passionate and informed guides will help you not only navigate through Mexico´s indigenous spirits but Puerto Vallarta as well.Between tastings our guides will point out some of the great sights and must-sees of Puerto Vallarta.

We will discuss how the spirits are made, often in the same manner today as was done hundreds of years ago, their rise in popularity, and various ways to incorporate them in your favorite drinks and recipes.Tastings include a Mezcal Cocktail made with fresh lime and cucumber and a special ingredient, a Jalepeño Margarita, made by hand with fresh all-natural ingredients, Raicilla Cocktail in a “jarrito”, a traditional jar made of clay, and a Michelada, made with beer and fresh salsas.No matter if you are visiting for 1 day or live here full-time, this guided tour is one of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta.If you are adventurous in spirit and interested in learning about Mexico´s indigenous drinks, this tour is designed for you!


We know the places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, both the tourist sites and the off-the-beaten path, hidden gems. Explore the sights and sounds of beautiful Vallarta.Experience the rich folklore and warmth of Mexican culture.


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