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Millennials make up a trillion-dollar demographic, according to a 2014 study by Accenture.( min) Text alone can’t deliver the subtlety and expression required for meaningful connection.If text were enough, we wouldn’t use emoticons, get on planes, or use web-conferencing software. Voice Thread is used by everyone from elementary students to top-ranked universities to corporate executives.It’s easy to learn and powerful enough for your most complex projects. Bring Voice Thread right into your LMS, ERP, or other identity management system.


Michael Fort discusses how Voice Thread saves classroom time, motivates and engages students, and gives a voice to those who rarely speak up.( Min) The power of peer feedback and peer review is intuitively available to all participants in a Voice Thread conversation.



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    In an announcement that could have far-ranging implications for websites of all sizes, Google said that it would place even more emphasis on mobile search, especially in the ways the company's algorithm ranks sites.

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