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Loosely based on a real-life incident from 1980s Korea.

Once outside, they get wrapped up in a hostage-taking incident. Starring Song Yoon-ah, Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Hwi-hyang, Jang Hang-seon, Choi Je-hwan, Kim Seung-wook.

A group of prisoners serving long sentences for petty crimes manage to break out of jail. Meanwhile, another friend from her hometown starts to show an interest in her.


The Art of Fighting ["Ssaum-ui gisul"] Directed by Shin Han-sol. A student attending a rough high school is beaten up nearly every day. A rock documentary which follows the Yoon Do-hyun Band on a multi-nation tour across Europe.

One day he comes across an eccentric man who excels in the art of unconventional fighting. Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment. Starring Yoon Do-hyun, Park Tae-hee, Kim Jin-won, Heo Joon. Produced, distributed and sold internationally by Sponge.

Starring Jeong Eun-hye, Seo Ju-hee, Kim Su-hyun, An Gil-gang, Lee Jin-seon, Oh Tae-kyung, Ryoo Seung-yong, Lee Ji-yong, Jin Bok-ja, Shin Hae-jin.

Contains five short films, all of which explore some aspect of discrimination. A gangster has been sent to college by his boss in order to become better educated, and he is then assigned as a student teacher to a local high school, teaching ethics. Starring Jung Jun-ho, Jung Woong-in, Jung Woon-taek, Kim Sang-joong, Han Hyo-joo, Choi Yun-young.

Starring Kwon Sang-woo, Yu Ji-tae, Son Byeong-ho, Eom Ji-won, Kang Sung-jin, Lee Ju-shil, Jeong Won-joong, An Gil-gang.

A hot-blooded detective enters into an uneasy partnership with a cool, ruthless prosecutor in a bid to take down a gang boss who harbors political ambitions. Produced by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.


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    “But I’m not.” “In that way I quite like how judgemental people can be – it means I get to surprise them. It’s good if people have to rethink their ideas.” But she’s thrilled that people think she looks like the French star. “I had a sandwich and this giant Snickers bar and he just walked right up to me and asked, ‘Shouldn’t you be practising your skating? It was hilarious, but it made me realise just how many more people are going to recognise me after doing Dancing on Ice.

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    We ask that you please read the rules below before you enter the chat room so that you know how to behave inside the chat room.

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    My husband's parents also fell for each other on their first date, trading thick, lovelorn letters when the Navy shipped him out.

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