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She was looking me over from head to toe, and smiling the entire time.

She said that she was very excited at the prospect of finally doing this, something that they have been talking about for a few months, but have not acted on, until now.

I was always a straight shooter for almost all of my life, except for the time when I was 13, and played for one summer, with my best friend and next door neighbor.

That was the only time that I had ever played with another guy, until a few years ago, when I rediscovered my bi side.


After about a month of chatting, and sharing emails back and forth, I received an email from them, asking me if I would be up for actually meeting up at their home.I was elated at the chance to finally meet this couple, that I have enjoyed sharing stories with, and chatting our fantasies back and forth. Dave greeted me at the door, and welcomed me into their home. She was sitting there, wearing a black lace Teddy, curled up in the middle of the couch.Since then, I have enjoyed the pleasures of playing with both men and women, especially at the same time.The following is of one such adventure: I had intitally met them through a site other than SLS, in fact it was AFF, one that I have had great luck with in the past.

Clearly visible, was a nice thin strip of hair, above her secret place.

We made all of our initial introductions to each other, and Cindy motioned for Dave and I to take seats next to her, on the couch.


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