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I bet alot of the guys who regularly go there have an STD.

There is a locker room, a gym, shower area, a sauna, pool, and a hot tub. 75 percent were masculine in appearance and mannerisms.

People there can also rent small rooms to engage in sex with strangers. However, there were only about 15 good-looking guys there out of maybe 50 men.

At first, I was really curious because I have never been to a place like that before. Most of the guys there were over the age of 45 and were very out of shape.

The whole idea of a bathhouse from a fantasy standpoint seemed hot, but once I got there, I was so turned off, I actually contiplated being straight. I have several friends who have been to bathhouses, and one or two who go semi-regularly.

If you want to meet someone, the best bet is to join a gay group at school or college.When you go to place like this, you are pretty much seen as a peace of meat.


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