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Browse voice profiles, send and receive voice messages, or connect live for a discreet conversation- all the functionalities of the Night Exchange are at your fingertips. It is so fun and easy to listen to profiles and connect- we know you will love sharing your most intimate desires on the Night Exchange App. There are always tons of real, local adults looking to play.premium numbers can be easily identified as they have different starting cod like in United States premium number starts with 900 or 1-900, in Mexico 01-900, in Argentina 06###_####,in Brazil 0500, in Austria-0900, in Belgium 0900,0902--0909, in Denmark 913,9050, in Germany 0900,0190, in Italy 144,166,892, 899, in Russia 809, in United Kingdom 0844,0871, in Japan 0990, in India +92 .The Night Exchange App makes it even easier to start your adult chat experience. Enjoy a sizzling conversation one-on-one without ever giving away your phone number or personal information.These numbers are allocated from national telephone numbering plan in such a way that they are easily distinguished from other numbers.

now if you have premium rate telephone number with you then you can earn good amount of money from premium rate business booming in the world since past 30 years is safe and proven way to make money in world.these are those telephone numbers, by dialing them you can get certain type of service from owner of such numbers, for such a service call rate are higher than normal rates , from this call charge, part is paid to telephone service providers like vodaphone, Aritel, idea etc, and other portion is paid to premium number owner so such owner accumulates fund via telephone calls.There are many services that can be maid available to caller like adult chat (phone sex chat), tech support, horoscope, other services like directory enquiries, weather forecast, competitions (like KAOUN BANEGA KARORPATI in India), voting ( on television shows)etc.You can even start premium SMS service for same purpose for which operators charge premium rate to deliver SMS than regular charges.

no matter how good is idea of premium rate earning but you cannot earn until, people know your number you have to advertise heavily your number in local news papers , magazines and other medias which have access for maximum public.

once your number becomes familiar and customers are happy with the service they are calling for, then they usually call the number again and again and even pass the number to their friends to call, but it is mandatory that you should clearly stat in your ad about cost per call and call duration charges to customer, with your contact address.


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