Monica dating married man


According to Monica, her social skills can sometimes be a bit off because she spends most of her time with dead people.

Originally from Northern Virginia, according to her mini-bio, Monica Ten-Kate always knew that she had a special gift, a gift that didn’t really start to blossom until her teen years.

follows Monica Ten-Kate, a 21-year-old college undergrad and spirit medium who loves to give readings to almost anyone she feels strongly about.

In the new reality show, some of her readings are given in the strangest places, such as a retail store, where she speaks to a sales clerk in Episode 1, entitled “Blind Date.” is trying her best to find a nice guy to date.

Her warmth and caring attitude is also something that her clients noted.

Despite Monica’s so-called success rate with the general public, there are many skeptics who don’t believe Monica has any special abilities, and they don’t believe that she should be given her own show.


Just being able to see their face change from sadness to tears of joy from hearing from their loved ones is probably one of the best feelings I could ever have.” In real life, people can book private reading sessions with Monica, though right now she is booked up, according to her Facebook page.Monica’s clients report that she has helped them in unspeakable ways, such as connecting them with their loved ones, and relaying positive messages that help bring closure to grieving families.Now that she is a college girl, attending classes at Pennsylvania State University, she has fully accepted that she has a special gift that is meant to help people.In a previous interview with “The best part of being a medium is the gift I get to give people that I read …

Best Psychic Directory, a site that reviews psychic mediums, appears to have given the talented young lady a good review.Many past clients report that they enjoyed their session with Monica, and that her readings were spot-on.


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