More than just dating

Tinder used to be the go-to app for most youngsters, but with an ever-growing number of people turning away from the dating service there's a new way to date in town.

The founders of the business claim it offers a real alternative to the mindless, sex-driven cliché world of dating we now live in.

And there's proof in the pudding: a couple who dated through the app have spoken out about the 'insightful' app.

Hannah, 26, described herself as "easy-going, enthusiastic and friendly".

Using LINKD she met hunky love boat Michael who works in Investment Management.

LINKD is different because it mixes intelligent matching technology with an unrivalled, curated list of London’s hottest dating spots.This is the first time a dating app has looked beyond a basic matchmaking service, combining both online profiles with an offline experience.Did you know over a third of the adult population in England and Wales were classed as 'single' in 2011?That's a whopping 15.7 million single adults - with London's borough of Islington having the highest proportion of single people in its population.

The world is a mysterious place and when it comes to dating most of it begins online in this technological new world we live in.

Despite the plethora of dating apps and websites available on i Tunes, the UK has more single people than ever.


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