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Edited by Leon Litwack and August Meier Copyright 1998, University if Illinois Press ISBN 0-252-06213-2 Created Equal The Lives and Ideas of Black American Innovators By James Michael Brodie Copyright 1993, by Bill Adler Books, Inc. When Morgan joined the show, she was still devastated over her divorce, even though she had divorced John Adams Morgan a few years before joining the show.After the rescue, Morgan’s company received requests from fire departments around the country that wished to purchase the new masks. As word of Morgan’s life-saving inventions spread across North America and England, demand for these products grew. His life was long and full, and his creative energies have given us a marvelous and lasting legacy.


The company turned out coats, suits, and dresses, all sewn with equipment that Morgan himself had made.

In 1920, Morgan moved into the newspaper business establishing the Cleveland Call. Morgan later had the technology patented in Great Britain and Canada.

They were married from 1998 to 2006, and as Sonja explains, the bottom simply fell out of their marriage.

But Sonja always wanted that happy home for her daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan.

The son of former slaves, Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky, his early childhood was spent attending school and working on the family farm.

In 1895, Morgan moved to Cleveland, where he went to work as a sewing machine repair man for a clothing manufacturer; he opened his own shop in 1907.


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