Most attractive dating profile

According to the infographics, the online dating buzzwords can be broken down among the sexes.Males, stick to the following words to boost your appeal: “Surfing”, “surf”, “yoga”, “skiing”, and “the ocean” appear to be the most successful buzzwords, followed closely by “athlete”, “retirement”, “London”, “oceans”, “live music” “breakfast”, “passports”, “blue eyes”, “trees”, and “mornings”.

Ladies, cling tight to these words to increase you chances of scoring that elusive date: “London”, “NYC”, “yoga”, “surfing”, and “athlete” are the most successful buzzwords, followed closely by “Radiohead”, “homeland”, “New York”, “fitness”, “fashion”, “Pulp Fiction”, “meditations”, “models”, “laziness”, and “work out”.That may seem like a lot to take in, but statistics seem to show that simply using these words, in any sort of context, within your profile can significantly boost your chances of attracting a potential online dating partner.


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