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Clearly, if one is serving squid, IT HAS TO PHYSICALLY RESEMBLE squid, otherwise one might just as well serve bits of Quorn (=essentially lab-fermented mushrooms tasting v.close to meat), or even the newly announced Israeli Cultured Meat (cultured from a single cell in vitro, and thus guaranteed Kosher AND Halal; the rabbis there are nonplussed because, were this to become a commodity, it would put them out of a profitable Kashrut-certifying job). As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered.Tags: squid Posted on July 15, 2016 at PM • 267 Comments • July 15, 2016 PM https://


"One in a trillion." From the "everybody's favorite lizard dept" Investigative Journalists and Malware Researchers bewary.WARNING : Do not open at work or near those with a "kitty pic addiction" it contains "Ahh cute" sigh generating pictures of small furry critters. SPIEGEL: All of a sudden, Michael says, the look on the man's face changed. SPIEGEL: For a moment, they all sat there together, the stars overhead twinkling, the sound of chirping insects in the night air. Chris spends his life looking at how people interact with each other.https:// • July 16, 2016 AM * MIT Thinks It Can One-Up TOR With New Anonymity Network: Riffle July 16, 2016 AM This week in white man's welfare, the dregs of government doing the easiest job in the world: scaring pussy cops to get them to attack freedom of peaceful assembly • July 16, 2016 AM Good story, hard to do. RABDOU: And then he said something just so strange - just said, can I get a hug? And one of the things that he looks at is called noncomplementary behavior.And according to Hopwood, it's incredibly hard to do.


And lastly but not least: #Brexit's finger is on the button... (Good luck with that) • July 16, 2016 AM And here's a fun little article about the Io T DMCA and lightbulb's going "off" by Cory Doctorow. : P” It does, but let's get real, Bruce, you could have been served goat's innards stuffed with chard and cooked in thyme and not been able to distinguish that from that squid course (the meat) on taste and palate alone.


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    My buddy who is 5’8 lists himself as 5’11 and has not been called out once.

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    They found that the lucky dudes getting it on the most were 25 to 29 years old, weighed less than 172 pounds ... In fact, the Napoleon Complex is actually code for ridiculously ambitious. While tall men want to get married earlier, their marriages don't last like those of short men. Once you drop that absurd height requirement, you'll double, and maybe even triple, your chances for love.7. When you're laying down getting it on, who even notices height?

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