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If you are divorced, or seperated, you may be considering joining an online dating website such as Muddy Matches so that you can meet people for friendship, dating, or even to meet a new life partner.

Here are some tips for online dating following on from a divorce.

How you are with your family reveals a lot about how you will be in a relationship (not to sound too much like Freud), so it’s interesting to listen to what your date says about their family. ”, which is too intense for a first date, you could ask “Do your family live nearby? Talking about pets is another way to bond over a shared experience if you both grew up with spaniels, or both had a cat called Tiger.

It’s also fun to speak about all the weird things your pet does, like drinking from muddy puddles instead of the fresh water that you put down for them.

Divorce has been discussed a lot in the news this week, following the announcement that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.

Going through a divorce is a traumatic experience that you wish upon your worst enemy, but unfortunately, more than 40 percent of marriages do end in divorce.

Hopefully it will lead to something more than “good thanks” and will open up the conversation.

Hobbies are another upbeat topic, which show your passions in life and demonstrate that you don’t just spend your time at work and watching TV.

Just don’t go into extreme detail about your hobby if your date doesn’t share your passion, unless of course they are keen to learn more about it and are asking you lots of questions.


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