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It is designed to be run periodically to provide a picture of traffic over time.since the web server may considerably complicate the installation, particularly if you are not currently running a web server or are not comfortable with web server configuration. In this example, you can see some basic information about the router at the top of the page and, below it, two graphs.It should come as no surprise that SNMP can be used to collect performance information.We have already seen simple examples in Chapter 7, "Device Monitoring with SNMP".One shows traffic for the last 24 hours and the other shows traffic for the last two weeks, along with summary statistics for each.

Which tool you use will depend on what you want to do.

If you want to measure traffic at multiple devices, then you simply need to create a different configuration file for each. Once you have a basic configuration file, you can further edit it as you see fit.

Creating these files is the first step after installation.

While a sample configuration file is supplied as part of the documentation, it is much easier to use the Since the script writes the configuration to standard output, you'll need to redirect your output to a file.

, you will need a separate configuration file for each device.Each configuration file will describe all the interfaces within the device.


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